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estro-talk | Jenny chats with Actor Justin Walker

Justin is from Atlanta, Georgia and in his 3rd year of acting. Singing was his introduction to the arts, then drawing and visual arts and eventually dancing. Michael Jackson made Justin want to dance, looking like an alien the way he moved his body. Justin did productions of musicals in the two-year theatre program at middle school, where “you kind of delivered the lines, looked pretty and danced".

After “miraculously” finding the Academy of Dramatic Arts in his senior year, Justin moved to train at the New York campus, from where he recently graduated from the school’s third year Company. Productions there included: Patrice in 'Ring Round the Moon', Hal, in ‘Picnic', Monsieur Loyal and the Officer in ‘Tartuffe', Baby Boo in 'Frontieres Sans Frontieres', and Kevin and Alber in 'Clybourne Park'. The Beach is his first professional gig.

RECORDED Tues 28th April 2020, 3pm

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