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Dear Artists, Audiences and Friends,

THANK YOU for an amazing 2024 Festival.

We are over the moon at the art, experiences and venues we shared.

As we wrap up this last month, we are so grateful for everyone who stepped in to support the artists of 2024.

REVIEWS! The short plays were reviewed and our shows in the non-traditional spaces of La MaMa gathered some sweet attention from the Dance Enthusiast!

Stay connected with us via Instagram.

There will be special events in the fall and IG or right here are the places to find updates and announcements.

Support! It is never too late to help keep this landmark festival happening!

Thank you for celebrating the performers, playwrights, dance makers, poets & musicians of the 2024 Festival!

Molly Kirschner

Zishan Ugurlu/Great Jones Rep

Yolanda K Wilkinson

Rachel DeForrest Repinz/RACHEL:dancers

Enya-Kalia Jordan/Enya Kalia Creations

Mar Talavera-Tejeda

Sheree V. Campbell

Maura Kelley

Dana Leslie Goldstein

Zoe Fernanda Wilson

Alethea Pace

Amelia Kennedy

Eve Blackwater/Brokeneck Girls

Emily Welty

Kate Gill

Alaina Hammond

Andrea Fleck Clardy

Tessa Flannery

Dana Leslie Goldstein

Carolina Marin /Kescena

tidbit collective

Vanessa Goodman/Action at a Distance

Jasmine Hearn

Kayla Farrish

Maia Melene D'urfé

Dual Rivet

Portia Wells


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