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Amber Sloan & Leslie Cuyjet: Shared Dance Lineage and Creative Pathways

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Melissa Riker chats with Amber Sloan and Leslie Cuyjet (pronounced: /su:ZHay/).

These two choreographers would have shared the Estro stage on 3/30 and 3/31.

Tune in as we chat and discuss their shared experience training in the dance BFA conservatory program of University of Illinois.

Driving this conversation are shared dance community, shared training, the excitement of sharing a stage in EstroGenius 2020; fond memories and what elements of the U of I program have stayed with each of them drive this conversation.


Here is our podcast conversation (LIVE AT 4PM EST)


Please consider a donation to these two artists as all live performances for the spring season in NYC are cancelled or postponed:


Learn more about LESLIE'S WORK:

Learn more about AMBER'S WORK:

Amber's promo-reel is below

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