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estro-talk | Jenny chats with Actor & Casting Director Helene Galek

Helene is beyond thrilled to be taking part in this 20th anniversary of this most wonderful festival in the play, 'The Fourth Option'!

2002 was not only Helene's first foray into the Estrogenius Festival as an actor, but also saw her embracing manhattantheatresource as well! Along with acting, Helene began working as an assistant producer for one of the four weeks of estro-plays and soon became resident Casting Director of the Source overall.

Currently, she is the CD for a rock musical reading and keeping her fingers crossed for its mid June date! Helene also writes non-fiction and just tried her hand writing dialogue for a short comedy sketch and found it fun!

Helene is a feminist, age activist and finds taking care of kids as well keeps her young and technically proficient! 

RECORDED: Thurs 9th April 2020, 8pm

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