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estro-talk | Jenny Green chats with Director Lory Henning

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Lory is a long time member of The Source and EstroGenius community,

tune in here to learn more about her cool career and the play she is directing for Estro2020: By The Way, by Andrea Fleck Clardy.

Lory worked with Blue Man Group in various roles both domestically and internationally for over 20 years.  Her directing credits include the NY Times reviewed Kitty and Lina, and Shrinkage, by Manuel Igrejas, both produced at manhattantheatresource, and Jen + Liz in Love, by Jesse Weaver, which was presented in the New York International Fringe Festival. In 2018, Lory produced, directed, and designed Recreating Keiter, by Cindy Keiter, at the Lion Theater on Theatre Row.

RECORDED: Mon March 23rd 2020, 9.30am

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