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EstroGenius on Film: Short Dance Films

Updated: May 13, 2020

In a one time, special event for EstroGenius 2020, we have brought together 4 film works by 4 extraordinary choreographers. We are offering their works as a curated event for you to stream. Watch all four at once, or come back to them over a few nights. They will go live on Tuesday, March 31 and be available until Saturday April 4, at 11:59pm.

This event has ended

Please follow these wonderful artists on IG:

@sameassister @malacarne @garnethenderson @okaynickay

For a full screen experience, click here:


by Garnet Henderson and Nick Tyson

(run time 22:03)

Odd Jewels: Beauty Under Mask

by Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley + Hilary Brown-Istrefi and Aitor Mendilibar

(run time (8:27)

Come Diventare Un Partigiano

by Alice Gosti

(run time 10:50)

you, black and bluised: Day Three A Pieace

by NIC Kay

(run time 44:24)

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