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By Allison Berkowski, Portia Wells and Valentina Bache

These three dances were performed live in the east village and live streamed to our audiences.

Curated by Maura Donohue


Moon Water

Choreographed by Allison Berkowski

Performed by Elena Loyacono Bustos

Moon Water is an exploration of fluidity and juncture. Where do things end and begin? It's a map of ahead and behind that questions and magnifies the standing of the world.


once I said it out loud

Choreographed and performed by Portia Wells

is a solo dance response to one of the harder questions to answer right now "how are you doing?". It is unpolished and unrehearsed (raw). It is angsty and heartfelt (intimate). It is about coming out, trans-ness, effort, and play (things I've been thinking about). It is featured as part of a shared show with good friends.


Aprender para olvidar

Choreographed and performed by Valentina Bache

Valentina explores their identity with newfound realizations through diligent decolonizing practices. They incorporate poems from Mexican womxn, using their first language Spanish & movement to describe the current troubles that plague their reality. With a foot in each country ready to leave at any moment, Valentina begins to accept the unstable grounds she walks in every day. By allowing their voice to listened, Having silenced it for far too long.

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