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ESTRO-TALK| SPECIAL EDITION! Fiona Jones, Founder of EstroGenius

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Jenny Green hosted an extra special conversation with Fiona Jones, actor, voice over actor, teacher, playwright, video maven and Founder of EstroGenius.

Below is a sneak-peek of Fiona's estro-talk where she shares her love for supporting artists and growing community.

To find more inspiration and insights - and access the webinar conversation in full - please make a donation of $5 - $10 to Fiona's nominated EstroGenius-extraordinaire, Leigh Adel-Arnold & her initiative to get coffee and treats to the essential workers during the COVID crisis.

Buy a ticket HERE and Estro will collect funds for a week and donate to Leigh to help her make her goal of $25,000!

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