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A Special Performance by Leslie Cuyjet and Amber Sloan

This page is a limited edition, special moment for the live audiences of our Arts Alive performances on 10/27.


ESTROGENIUS presents Amber Sloan and Leslie Cuyjet.EstroGenius is the longest running festival of its kind. Now in its 20th year, EstroGenius continues to support and celebrate the voices of womxn, female identifying and non binary artists of all races and backgrounds. 

Leslie Cuyjet is dance artist in Brooklyn, New York. Her tenure in New York is decorated with performances and collaborations, both formal and informal; with contemporaries, legends, and counterparts; on rooftops, good and bad floors, and alleyways; on stage, in film, art, on tour, and on the fly; since 2004. She was awarded a 2019 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for her sustained achievement as Outstanding Performer. Her independent work has been presented in New York, where she aims to conjure life-long questions of identity, confuse and disrupt traditional narratives, and demonstrate the angsty, explosive, sensitive, pioneering excellence of the black woman. 

Amber Sloan premieres APART|TOGETHER, a Dada inspired dance performance utilizing objet trouvé to represent a physical manifestation of the emotional baggage we carry. Performed by Nik Owens and Amber Sloan, the work explores isolation, intimacy, and division. The dancers use found objects as barriers to partner, allowing for safe contact and connection even when separated.  Amber shares the evening with Leslie Cuyjet, a former schoolmate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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