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Hello friends + fans of Geniuses!

We are so excited that this week is the opening of the 2024 festival EXPAND!

Most tickets in the festival are a sliding scale.

Thursday evening we are thrilled that Molly Kirschner, incredible poet, playwright and actor is kicking it all off with her unique writing voice at the chill and intimate Under St. Marks Theater,

(note: there is a steep staircase into USM)

On Saturday morning join the brilliant, thoughtful and sometimes gorgeously rowdy company of Great Jones Rep as they open their doors to a rehearsal of the timely re-staging of MEDEA, conceived and directed by Zishan Ugurlu. For free!

Then take a St. Patty's Day break on Sunday and come back to the East Village on Monday to experience Marie, GODDAMN MARIE at 7pm and /or a fantastic shared bill of music and dance at 8pm, La Mama Downstairs, curated by maura.

(Elevator available to the space)

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE throughout March!

Get your fest time started right with one, two or FOUR of these very different, thoroughly fulfilling performance experiences

If you see MGDM (90 min), you'll be late to maura's 8pm show, but you can come in between works!

Click through to get your tickets <3

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